A Kitten Named Norman.   Leave a comment

A trip to Wal*mart is, for our family, an adventure. Especially when they have a box of kittens in the parking lot. And they’ll take two dollars instead of the list price of $5.00. 🙂 And so Norman came to live in our zoo, I mean house. Joining Edgar the cat and Rusty the dog. The dog was happier about Norman than the cat was. Definitely a frigid welcome.

And so Norman has made himself at home, and he steals the straws from the girls’ drinks. And he’ll take the food from your plate if he can reach it. And he will jump into the popcorn bowl and get covered in cheese powder and take away as many pieces as he can stuff in his mouth.

The other night I gave the dog a hotdog. It was a gift from my parents for Rusty and he bit half of it off and spit it on the floor. So, I gave him the other half, which he rolled around his mouth and spit it also on the floor. And looked at me. Meanwhile, the tiny kitten had grabbed half the hot dog and dragged it under our kitchen table. So I took it from him, sliced it and put it on a plate. (My dog is picky, I guess). Meanwhile, the kitten had grabbed the other half and run for the table. But now he was wise to my ways. So when I came to get his  hot dog, he growled and ran under different chairs, to get away (dragging the hot dog on the floor with him, of course).  I eventually trapped the kitten, retrieved the half-hot dog and sliced it and put it on the plate. And the kitten helped himself  to two slices and I let him. He had worked so hard, afterall!


Posted September 2, 2006 by comomma in fun

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