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My middle daughter has dreamed of the day when she was old enough to start taking lessons. My oldest daughter took lessons when she was five, and then stopped at the end of that session. Using “I’m the shortest in the class,” as her reason. So, now it is 2006 and my middle daughter is taking lessons with Celtic Steps here in Colorado Springs (they also have a location in Denver). And, of course, she LOVES it!! She comes home and teaches her sisters and her aunt her latest steps. And so the eldest begins a self-assigned essay on “Why I love Irish Dancing.” And she also begins to get up early, put on jig music, and practice steps. So we broach the subject of her taking lessons – and she is enthusiastic. Until she is officially signed up. Then begins the “But I don’t want to COMPETE!!!” wail. If I didn’t see myself so much in her… Anyway, she begins tomorrow. We will see just what happens. I have solemnly sworn that she is there for fun, not to advance “multiple levels and compete across the nation.” I’ll let you know how it goes.


Posted September 29, 2006 by comomma in family

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