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We had the dubious opportunity to see our emergency personnel in action early this morning. I awoke to the sound of a thump and went into hyper-mom mode. I knocked my husband out of bed, ran to my daughters’ room and was there in time to see her start to cry, my husband hot on my heels. And then the blood. It took a moment to register just what had happened, we got her on her back, applied pressure to her gaping head wound, and called 911. Heads bleed a lot and this one wasn’t stopping. Within, literally, minutes, two police cars and a fire truck were here. I, in my sweatshirt-over-pjs outfit met the police and firefighters at the door. Yes, it was inside-out and backwards – it was 12:30 am, it was the best I could do. Cool God thing – the first paramedic to go see my little girl was the firefighter who gave us our tour of our fire station (the one down the street) – a familiar face! The ambulance arrived soon after. After seeing the depth of the wound (think “skull”) the paramedics recommended a ride in the ambulance to make sure her neck and back and blood pressure and all were OK. Little girl had by then calmed down and was taking it all in. Evidently that is not a typical reaction of a four year old because one of the paramedics asked what grade she was in school. She thought he was being funny (and, truth be told, so did I).

At the emergency room we saw a nurse and doctor right away – it pays to come in the back door, evidently. We then went through the, hopefully, never to be repeated agony of numbing the wound and then the contrastingly blissful closing. My little girl even told the doctor and nurse “her” joke while he finished her last stitch. Thank you, Lord, for caring, kind, and talented medical professionals! We were in and out of the emergency room in about an hour and a half. That is record time for our family. Then we were home, little one tucked back in bed and my husband and I laying awake, trying to get the adrenalin to stop pumping. Or at least I was, my husband claims I kept waking him up….

Funny thing? My two other girls SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. One of them even shares a room with little one. Even when the police officer was in the bedroom shining his flashlight around my daughter only stirred, sighed, and went back to sleep. I woke up this morning to hear my children asking the little one “What happened to you?”

So, the end of our story? Little one is sore, but doing well, please pray for there not to be an infection – that is our biggest concern at the moment.


Posted October 30, 2006 by comomma in family

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