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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by family. We are blessed to have both my parents and my in-laws in town, along with one Grandma and a sister! It is a gift for my kids – I spent so many years away from extended family members that I treasure this family interaction. And I tried something new. I bought a roaster, on a recommendation, and nearly cooked my turkey to death. I must state at this point that no blame lies on my “recommender” – I bear it fully on my own shoulders. But, one turkey under my belt (I’m usually a bird-in-a-bag in my oven kind of girl) I am confident that my next turkey will be a little less “done.” I am even looking to try a ham or a roast in my new toy.

Yesterday we began an adventure of another kind. We started to re-paint our living room. We are all exceedingly happy with the color, well, I must correct that statement. Four out of five of us are exceedingly happy with the color. One of my darling girls says it is “pretty OK, but she thinks pink would have been better.” I do not mean to offend any of you, but that simply would not match our cement colored furniture. We have two coats on the walls and have some detail work to do (edges and trim). I have made some small contributions to this project, but my husband has truly done it all!


Posted November 25, 2006 by comomma in family

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