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My oldest DD is currently doing vocabulary words every week. She has to look them up and write down the definitions. It is helpful to expand your vocabulary/phraseology whenever possible, so here is YOUR chance!

Shovel [shov * el] – to mix cards thoroughly.
Usage: “Can you shovel the cards for me please?”

Turch [turch] – a religious meeting place.
Usage: “Are we going to turch today?”

[slith * er] – a small piece.
Usage: “Can I have a slither of cake?

Barely [bare * ly] – none at all; nothing.
Usage: “I barely did anything wrong.”

Full*of*Hands [full of hands] – I can’t carry anything more.
Usage: “I can’t open the van door, mommy, I’m full of hands.”


Posted February 8, 2007 by comomma in family

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