I Never Drink Alone   Leave a comment

My stuff of choice is water (well, coffee, but that never stays around for long), and I usually have a cup with me as I wander the house. And I have a cat. Who also wanders the house. And he LOVES him some water in a cup. So, if I leave my cup for any length of time, I automatically dump it in the sink and get a new one. I don’t even check for floating hairs anymore.

Tonight he found one I had forgotten about. And got his head stuck. STUCK. It made a lovely thwuck sound as he shook his head to get loose. He was really put out about the whole thing. I mean, how could I … wait. I was the one mopping up water from the table, books, oh, never mind. I’m sure it is still my fault.


Posted March 28, 2007 by comomma in fun

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