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How Clean is YOUR Toilet?   Leave a comment

Well, I invested in those Clorox thingies. The ones you put in your tank? To cut down on smell and, of course, bacteria. Well, $68 later…I think I’ll just not worry so much about the smell. Evidently a chunk of that tablet got stuck somewhere inside my toilet. Somewhere where it is incredibly important that the water pressure is high – it makes the toilet flush. With a chunk of Clorox tablet in there, the water was clean, but slow and um, not quite enough to get rid of the stuff that it should have. So the toilet backed up, again, and I am SO grateful that the grossness factor was at a minimum of what it might have been, considering the water fall going on in there. Two loads of laundry later, my floor is sparkling clean and disinfected (not from the tablet), the Roto-Rooter guy has been and gone. And we now have a guest bathroom that people can use. So now I can let the toothpaste build up in the upstairs baths…just kidding. But then, you won’t know, will you? YOU have to use the guest bathroom.


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Lovely Lexicon   Leave a comment

Hud – (hood) To cover or otherwise obscure the location of something.
Usage: “Mom, she hud the book from me!”

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