On Piano and Pain   Leave a comment

As a mom who is in charge (100%) of their child’s (no one to blame but me) education. I am surrounded by wonderful things that my kids just HAVE to experience/be a part of.

They do not have music class, ergo we have piano lessons.

They do not have P.E., ergo we have weekly dance class (and practice during the week).

See where I am going with this?

So, when my oldest asks, kindly, without a whine in her voice, to quit after a year of piano, I am at a crossroads. Do I agree, because to make her continue could be a continuing pain and source of argument (Have you practiced yet? No, you actually have to touch the piano for it to count.) However, is her education unbalanced because music isn’t official in her daily regimen? You see, I’m falling into that trap. The one that says that if I skip something I’ve damaged them, because it is LESS than what they would receive at a public school.



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