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Conversation between my mother-in-law, and dear middle girl:

Girl: Did you get a soda for me?

MIL: Yes. Root Beer.

Girl: Yay! That is my favorite sprite. <
Pause> No, that’s not right. It’s my favorite beer!

Well goodie, cause she’s tried SO many, it is good that she narrowed it down.


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Piano – an update.   Leave a comment

I got some actual comments on this one, and wanted to write an update. My daughter is still not ecstatic about taking piano lessons, but, for *some* reason, she wants to continue. I imagine a certain conversation with a well-beloved aunt (who took lessons for years) full of encouragement and words of wisdom may have made a difference.

We are also supplementing our music education with a symphony concert as well as music at home. The other day the following conversation occurred:

Child: What music is playing?

Me: Opera

Child: I don’t like it. Can you turn it off?

Hey, at least she has an opinion about opera!

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Because my hair IS an important issue.   Leave a comment

I have long debated whether or not to color my hair. Go naturally into the gray, or risk the cancer that I have been told will be mine, freely included in each $8 box. I briefly went red a couple of years back, and have the pictures to prove it. I wasn’t really ready for that drastic of a change, and ended up brown again quickly. Now I have another color in my hair. What I choose to call “silver.” I have a daughter that loves to keep tabs on all the obvious things like: “Mommy, it must be so hard to put pants on with those huge thighs.” and, recently, “Mommy, you should not color your hair again. Oh, wait, there is a lot of silver in there. You should color it soon!”

So, my head stinks. And I’m not supposed to wash it for another 24 hours. Eww.

This was written on my private blog, a couple of months ago. I am now, fully into the turning-hair-into-straw thing. <> My current hair color is um, well, a little difficult to describe. I went and got it perfeshunally done.

Anyway, I went in wanting something a little more “lively.” Yes, I do believe that was the actual verbiage. But the woman is over 30, so I felt safer saying those things. I’m hardly coming out of there with blue hair, right? So, I pick a color hybrid of gray coverage and copper hints. And, when all is said and done, my roots are a nice light coppery shade, and the rest of my hair is auburn. Uh huh. Auburn. With LIGHT roots. So we put a rinse of darker color back on my roots (trying hard not to do it too long – I didn’t want a buzz cut just then). Moving on. So, the next day, slightly darker, but still light coppery roots and auburn tips intact, I went back and had some highlights put in. My hair was not, yet, dry enough, I guess. The highlights were to help even out the light roots issue. Because, even after using the darkening color on them, they were still a shade lighter than the rest of my hair. My girls were fascinated, I tell you. The tin foil in my hair was the highlight of the whole thing! Now I apparently have blond highlights, auburn hair and slightly lighter roots. But, no worries. My roots are growing out. I wonder when I am supposed to go back in and get a touch-up…

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