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Rose-Colored Glasses   1 comment

I have a pair.


In my purse.

I always invest large sums of money on sunglasses. So I am at the mercy of the selection in the the cheap section. I recently scored two pairs of knock-offs for the price of $20. And one of them paints my world in a sunset glow. I didn’t really notice it until I saw a friend, who is a red head. Only, according to my eyes, she was now a vibrant, brilliant red. She looked lovely and I told her so. In fact I said “Wow! Did you color your hair?”

Silence. And she looked at me. Strangely (more so than normal). So I took off my glasses. Red is in the eyes of the beholder. And here I thought there was some kind of trend, everyone seemed to be dying their hair red these days.


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Celestially Seasoned Sneakers   Leave a comment

This week we had the opportunity to take some field trips. We traveled to Boulder, Colorado to visit Celestial Seasonings. First let me say that I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the creators of the portable DVD player. Much watching of mindless cartoons education was done in the back seat, and no one fought. At least not on the ride up or back. Moving on. We took a FREE tour of their very cool factory.

Things I was impressed by:

1. It was FREE.

2. They do all of it there. And you get to see it.

3. It was FREE.

4. They have a real sense of ownership. Even though they have merged/sold to a corporation.

5. You can sample all 97 flavors of tea they manufacture. And buy most of them too.

6. It was FREE.

7. They have a prairie dog haven out in their “yard.”

So, all in all I think the children learned: when you make tea it makes dust. Dust is slippery. It also coats your new shoes. The mint room is really as intense as the tour guide claimed. They made a dress, shoes, hat and clutch purse from tea bags and tea boxes. I kid you not. Asian tea cups are the cutest, most adorable tea cups you have EVER seen. Can we get one????

The next day, not to be outdone by our local public school, we ventured over to Rock Ledge Ranch.

They had interpreters and we saw animals, a log cabin, animals, empty gardens, animals, grasshoppers, chickens eating grasshoppers, and animals. In fact we almost got to see something worthy of National Geographic. Ever seen a herd of sheep run in a panic (and a tightly knit pack) to avoid two escaped dogs? Fun stuff, I tell you. Of course, when our interpreter pulled out his authentic-to-the-time period cell phone to call in the situation…

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Candy Corn Should be a Banned Substance.   4 comments

I believe that there must be something evil inherent in the actual product. Is it because they are small? Is it because they have those suspicious colors? Do they work some power over the unsuspecting glutton innocent? Is it because I can shove a whole hand-full in my mouth at one time? We may never know the answer, but be warned. Don’t bring them into your home! You don’t know what might happen! The sugar rush could cause you to do something rash! Or you could break out in a rash! Beware!

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A Vacation. An ACTUAL Vacation.   2 comments

We went away. For TWO whole weeks. How do I know that it was long enough, and restful? After eating out, or having someone else cook for two weeks – I’ve been baking bread, making desserts and cooking every night. For me, that is a big deal. It means I had a break!

It didn’t start out well, but, at the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, it could have been so much worse! We began the first morning of vacation, after going to bed much too late, with a little voice saying “My stomach hurts” – and she was sick exactly one minute before the alarm went off. So, we did what we do best “divide and conquer.” One of us tended the ill, while the other wakened the well. And we all dressed, and ate, (but one) and drank coffee. Well, only two of us drank coffee, the kids had milk. And we got to the airport (with sound effects), and left my wonderful sister-in-law at the van.

Moving through the airport we experienced the wonders of capitalism. We had the right to check 10 bags. We checked five. One of them was over-weight. And so we paid a fine – even though we could have checked FIVE more bags. Moving on. I had stashed a mess of plastic bags (thanks Wal*mart!) in one of our carry-ons and proceeded to help one of my girls fill them periodically throughout the airport. We visited the bathroom on the way to security and then got into the line for security. I have decided that the way to get through public vomiting is to just pretend like nothing is happening. Use the bag, clean the child. Toss it out. Disinfect hands and pointedly ignore everyone in front ,behind, and around you. My ashen-faced young and the rest of the brood and I moved swiftly through security. The Lord? The threat of infection? And we made it to our gate. Sort of. We were the last to board and settled into our airline trip. Two out of three girls were SO. EXCITED. The other was finding out the use of the “motion discomfort” bags. Nice. If we were merely uncomfortable we wouldn’t need a bag, now would we? Anyway, we did the ugly traveler thing. We used all available – and stashed more in our carry-ons.

Woot! Free stuff from the airline!

With that inauspicious beginning, surely we were destined to infect all the people we stayed with, along with leveling ourselves, each individually throughout our two weeks, right? Nope! The Lord smiled on our trip and blessed us! We went on to tour Lancaster County in the company of my sweet family. We learned about the Pennsylvania German immigrants (including but not exclusive to the Amish), then we went on to see some of my husband’s family and do a lot of talking and laughing. Good times. Then on to Philadelphia – city of brotherly love! We saw, we paid exorbitant prices for parking, and we loved it. Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, The King Tut exhibit at The Franklin Institute… If anyone is looking for a recommendation – Go! Go! So much stuff to do and see – you can’t see it all unless you live there.

While immersing ourselves in Philly cheese steaks and soft pretzels we also saw some of my family, whom we hadn’t seen in years. It was wonderful to catch up over pizza. I’m talking a lot about food, aren’t I? Did I mention I didn’t cook for TWO weeks? Ah.

We ended the trip at the “shore.” One of my children spent quite a long time jumping up and down (over the small waves) yelling, “WATER!!!!!” There was sand, literally, everywhere. The first day the girls learned the word “chafing.” We laid around, played games and generally were lazy.

Anyway, two weeks of vacation (and field trips, but don’t tell my kids – one of them said “We aren’t going to LEARN anything. It isn’t school. This is VACATION.” we are home. It is good to be home, but it was lovely to be gone.

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