Candy Corn Should be a Banned Substance.   4 comments

I believe that there must be something evil inherent in the actual product. Is it because they are small? Is it because they have those suspicious colors? Do they work some power over the unsuspecting glutton innocent? Is it because I can shove a whole hand-full in my mouth at one time? We may never know the answer, but be warned. Don’t bring them into your home! You don’t know what might happen! The sugar rush could cause you to do something rash! Or you could break out in a rash! Beware!


Posted October 15, 2007 by comomma in fun

4 responses to “Candy Corn Should be a Banned Substance.

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  1. I agree. They are evil.

  2. Thanks for telling me about your blog! May I link it in my sidebar, or are you aiming for more privacy?

    If candy corn have gluten in them then I am safe from their evils.

  3. …But why would you eat candy corn if you could have chocolate instead?

  4. Why eat it? Because it is little. And festive. And I can’t stop eating it… Of course if I DID have some chocolate around it might be a race between the two.

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