My Dog Rusty Smells Pretty Good Right Now.   1 comment

I’m sure you were wondering when we were going to give him a bath. It has been quite awhile (since right after our summer trip to Golden Gate Canyon State Park ) so, of course, he smelled a bit, um, rank doggy.

Our favorite place to take him is Wag-n-Wash a place of infinite animal treats. However, the best thing (for us, not him) is that we can bathe him there. I am all for cheap pet stuff but it seems worth my money to pay $15 for them to mop the floor, provide the goods, do the towel laundry, and clean out the drains. Rusty, however, would rather go to the vet. He goes in willingly enough but by the time we are toward the back of the store he is making preparation to leave.

I watch these other dogs come in, heads high, tails wagging, as they march off to their doom bath. Either they are really dumb, or they like it (which, according to Rusty, still makes them really dumb). These other dogs leap nicely through the doggy trap-door at the back of the tub and stand there.

Not my dog. Nope. I had to PICK him UP. Rusty hasn’t seen 40 lbs in a while. And he is straining to get away when I reach for him. So I grab him, dump him, slam the door of the tub and am holding his leash in a death-grip the WHOLE time. He can jump right back out again. Even if he is wet. See how fun this is? SO. I attach him to the side of the tub with the noose leash thingy and his face if pitiful. But don’t be fooled. He isn’t cowed, he is ready to bolt at ANY time. He stands as far away from the water as he can (back of the tub) but he gets cleaned thoroughly anyway. And he gets conditioned. And towelled-off (the indignity!) and then sprayed with a leave-in conditioner stuff that smells good – but he lunges away like I’m hitting him with it.

So. Now my dog is wet and STILL eager to leave. I slip off the noose leash thingy ONLY after re-connecting his collar and leash. I’m not THAT dumb. Just cruel. But I can’t open the doggy door. He leaps over the side of the tub, shakes himself down and tries to bolt for the door. With me attached. To add insult to injury I took him to get dried off with a DRYER. What kind of inhumane thing is that to do? I tried, twice, to get him ON the table to be dryed off. Nuh Uh. A 50 lb damp dog? I tried. I gave up. I just moved the hose over and blew him off on the floor. Mostly. I also think I sent fur balls flying all over the room.

We flew through the store, slightly stopping to pay and get a pig’s ear. He ate the pig’s ear while leaning over my oldest daughter. She strained to sit as far over on the seat as she could, but she got pig ear pieces on her lap anyway. But then they got licked off. That was better, right?

Anyway, HE’s clean, anyway.


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  1. I’m a sucker for a good dog-washing story!! But I’m not as brave as you. I take him to Wag N Wash and let THEM wash him. He does seem to like it — and I don’t want to mess with success!

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