I’m not quite ready for a blog, I think.   2 comments

I’m fine with spilling my brain guts all over the internet. I am leary of embarrassing my kids/husband/family/acquaintances, so I try to be careful. I am so thrilled with Word Press, because they have taken the duh out of so many things for me, but I can’t load badges, I can’t host stuff, I’m a little overwhelmed. So I’ll ignore it all. Ha!

I have decided to take part in NaBloPoMo. As my mother says “WHY????” Not sure. Just cause I thought I might like to. No, it won’t help me with a future career. No, it won’t help me complete my college degree. No, it really serves no useful purpose. So I’ll do it anyway!

While we are on the random stuff, I got myself a free tattoo. On my sitter-downer. Free, you say? Uh huh. Here is what you do. Go into your daughter’s room. Bend down low to look at the bottom shelf. Get up too quickly while keeping your butt way out too far and slam it into the corner of her desk. Voila! You have a Johnny Jump Up tattoo – for free!


Posted November 2, 2007 by comomma in fun, random

2 responses to “I’m not quite ready for a blog, I think.

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  1. At least you know where your tattoo came from. Having a five-year-old and just my general klutziness— I get interesting “tattoos” on my arms and legs and I go, “oh, yeah, I did bump into something yesterday…”
    I read a few of your other entries (I will read more as soon as I can get my daughter to watch more Dragon Tales) and I love your sense of humor. I’ll be back…

  2. I’m asking myself the same question… why did I sign up for NBPM again???? I think I just love blogging and this gives me permission to do it EVERY day.

    Free tatoo, ha! Occupational hazard of motherhood.

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