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If someone, we’ll call them “Mommy,” helped purchase costumes, helped children to dress-up, including, but not limited to, make-up application and last-minute costume adjustments. In addition said “Mommy” also took children to the location of choice and helped them go through THREE floors of said location, in search of candy and general merriment. Should said “Mommy” be entitled to limitless dipping into the candy repository?

I’m asking for a friend, you know.


Posted November 7, 2007 by comomma in fun, random

4 responses to “A Question

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  1. Absolutely — you’re entitled to it all!

  2. Absolutely.

    You can relax, I’ve caught up reading your blog — thanks for the laughs.

  3. I’d say it’s a crime if “mommy” DOESN’T help herself to some candy.

  4. This mommy confiscated all the candy and the little one has to ask me whenever she wants one, or, two, or three…
    Hmmm… it never occurred to me how luck I am that my daughter did not think that she OWNED the candy since they were given to her….

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