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Evidently, it is ME that is the uneducated E-bayer.   1 comment

I am unsuccessful. I have lost! Several times!

My parents are giving me advice (because they know all this lingo like sniping and stuff) – and I am being beaten by people who have, apparently, extensive knowledge but little visible experience (i.e. their rating is lower than mine – and that’s low, people).

I will prevail. Even if I get sores from sitting down here and waiting like an, um, sniper.


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E-Bay   Leave a comment

After the recent death of our iPod, I’m on the hunt. We don’t need the fancy touch screen, we just need a big hard drive to store our ridiculously long and complicated playlists. Because now the girls can’t find their dance practice music, or their “I-promise-I’ll-do-schoolwork-if-you-play-this-song” music. I am without my cleaning-jams. So of course, I can’t vacuum or dust, or anything! It is getting desperate around here. The silence (background silence, I mean) is deafening I tell you!

So excuse me while I go back and hit refresh. There is some inexperienced e-bayer on there who thinks they are going to win this one…

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I never posted my official results.   Leave a comment

I realize that I left at least, um, two? people wondering how my eat more vegetables/get more gassy (did this affect my carbon foot-print?) diet went.

Drumroll, please.

I lost 12 pounds. Since then I’ve shed one or two more, but I’m happy with where I’m at – not looking to lose anymore. Although I’d like to firm up the ones I have…

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