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I was recently “found” by someone that I couldn’t remember. I had to dig out the old yearbooks and find the source of “Hi, Definite, this is long-lost friend from high school!!!! How are you?” So I dug around and found this person and no, I still don’t remember her. BUT, it was great fun reading all those notes about “don’t change” and “have a great summer” and “you are my BEST friend” I, evidently, had a lot of those. I don’t remember that either.

Anyway, I took to perusing the pictures and I am just as in love with getting my picture taken now as I was then. Other than the school portrait, I avoided looking at the camera head-on. And then I found one that had me looking down, and writing on a notebook. With a teacher sitting right next to me. Now, you might NOT have recognized me, but the yearbook staff are nothing if they aren’t thorough. There was a caption. And it read: “Mrs. Math Teacher can be seen on campus many times when she comes to tutor students in math. Junior Definite Maybe works through a problem under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Math Teacher.”

Now I want this to be noted that I never made a secret of my inability to compute, HOWEVER, I have four yearbooks. There isn’t another picture of anyone else getting tutored in math preserved for all posterity. Were there no other shots of cute cheerleaders decorating the gym, or chess club kids competing, or ANYTHING ELSE? I know they wanted action shots of “learning” under the title “Math and Sciences.” But after school tutoring???

I’m a little ticked. And I thought all those people were my best friends? How could they betray me like that?


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  1. *snicker, snicker* speaking of old friends, did you check out who I’m friends with on FB?? Satan!!!!!

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