Making Your Heart Sing   1 comment

My husband and my oldest have a lot in common. Yeah, yeah, they share genes. And they look a lot alike. Similar build (long and skinny), similar coloring. It is, however, beyond skin deep for them.

They have a passion to create, they can spend hours with paints and pencils, paper and a head-full of ideas.

They also LOVE a neat house. While all of the above things are integral to who they are, to understand them on a deeper level you need to know that they are neat freaks. Yep.

And they are stuck with the three of us who, ahem, don’t have that “problem.”

Before you pity them too much, we have collectively reached a new level of neatness and organization in our home. Why? What has brought about this earth shattering change? We had a Realtor come over. As we explore what we need as a family, freedom and independence for Fawn has come up repeatedly. So, we are prayerfully (as in HELP!!! Oh, please HELP!!) considering selling our home to find one that presents less challenges, has a bedroom for each little girl, an office, space to entertain, and a price we can afford. Ha! Did I mention we are idealists?

So, all of this to say, my husband and my oldest? Their little hearts are a-singing! Our home is neat!


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  1. So what you’re saying is that only two of your children leave their socks on the floor?… I am thoroughly repaid, by the way. I pick up 3 people’s socks all day long. I have despaired of training them. The older one is too set in his ways and the younger ones are too flighty.

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