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When I was a child I was fortunate enough to have cousins close in age, as well as friends that lived in the neighborhood of my cousins. One idyllic day we were wandering the neighborhood (this was before the lockdown that is our current society) and talking to the neighbors. One neighbor had a lovely bird. I can’t remember what kind of bird, but it must have been impressive because we stayed and talked about that amazing bird to the woman in the yard. She told us all about it. It was sitting in the tree having a wonderful time while she gardened. Well I assumed it was having a wonderful time. Perhaps it was weeping bird tears for the great sky it could only see but not fly in?

We were utterly fascinated and so excited to share! the! news! Evidently not all of us were on the same page.

We raced back to the house and proceeded to tell the story:

Childhood Friend: And the bird’s wings were pinioned, so it couldn’t fly!

Me: Yeah! And its wings were clipped so it couldn’t fly!

Cousin: What’s pinioned? Why couldn’t it fly?


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Week One Results   Leave a comment

I ate 33 servings of fruits and vegetables in seven days. I exercised everyday for at least 30 minutes. I drank 64 ounces of water a day. I lost 1/2 a pound. Grr. That means everyone in my well-meaning team has to pay $1.

In other news all those fruits, veggies, and water cut my cold in half. I was done in a record (for me) three days.  Woot!

Today, while the snow falls, I am forcing my children to work. I am SOOOOO mean. But then, I am a mom. The ruiner of all things fun. The police that enforce this police state we call home sweet home. Bwa Ha Ha Ha.

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Celestially Seasoned Sneakers   Leave a comment

This week we had the opportunity to take some field trips. We traveled to Boulder, Colorado to visit Celestial Seasonings. First let me say that I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the creators of the portable DVD player. Much watching of mindless cartoons education was done in the back seat, and no one fought. At least not on the ride up or back. Moving on. We took a FREE tour of their very cool factory.

Things I was impressed by:

1. It was FREE.

2. They do all of it there. And you get to see it.

3. It was FREE.

4. They have a real sense of ownership. Even though they have merged/sold to a corporation.

5. You can sample all 97 flavors of tea they manufacture. And buy most of them too.

6. It was FREE.

7. They have a prairie dog haven out in their “yard.”

So, all in all I think the children learned: when you make tea it makes dust. Dust is slippery. It also coats your new shoes. The mint room is really as intense as the tour guide claimed. They made a dress, shoes, hat and clutch purse from tea bags and tea boxes. I kid you not. Asian tea cups are the cutest, most adorable tea cups you have EVER seen. Can we get one????

The next day, not to be outdone by our local public school, we ventured over to Rock Ledge Ranch.

They had interpreters and we saw animals, a log cabin, animals, empty gardens, animals, grasshoppers, chickens eating grasshoppers, and animals. In fact we almost got to see something worthy of National Geographic. Ever seen a herd of sheep run in a panic (and a tightly knit pack) to avoid two escaped dogs? Fun stuff, I tell you. Of course, when our interpreter pulled out his authentic-to-the-time period cell phone to call in the situation…

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